Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Introduction: The Whittaker Chambers Blog

Maligned by the American and international left, Whittaker Chambers is an American Cold War hero and a legend in the American conservative movement. An American writer, editor, Communist party-member-turned-defector, Chambers is best known for his testimony about Soviet espionage and subversion in the United States involving Alger Hiss.

Chambers was an extraordinary individual, a Renaissance man in many respects. His most known work, his autobiography Witness, is a must-read for students of American literature, history, espionage, and politics. To this very day, Witness is a must-read volume many literature and political science classes around the country.

While roaming the internet to learn more about Chambers and his family's plight - it truly is a plight - we learned that there is still a great deal of animosity surrounding Chamber's role in bringing to light American communism as well as the Alger Hiss trial by defenders of the American left. This odd cadre of academics, pseudo communists, and others, go out of their way to attack Chambers and what he did. Hence, this blog.

Recently, we visited the famous pumpkin patch and Chambers Farm - Pipe Creek Farm - in Westminster, Maryland. Having read the book we can assure you it was as if we were stepping back in time. Much of it still as it was in 1952 when he published "Witness". We will have more about this exciting visit, including photos, posted very soon.

By the way, Pipe Creek Farm was designated a National Historic Landmark by President Ronald Reagan in 1988. It is also listed in the Maryland Historic Trust (click on the link for a photo of the farm).

We look forward to communicating with fellow Chambers fans and learning more about this remarkable individual and his contributions on behalf of freedom. Most importantly, we want to have a resource for future students of freedom. As you will see, much remains to be done. Check back soon for a complete update.

Many thanks.

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